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hi hi!! you can call me mick! welcome to my silly little corner of the internet! created with the intention of improving my coding skills, and having a place to talk about my interests however and whenever i want to! :))

i've been wanting to start learning how to code ever since i was a wee little child, but i had put it off for so long because it just seemed so daunting (and i was right tbh). it's been years, but i am happy to have finally made a site of my own! the freedom and potential this site has is very exciting to me and i can't wait to make this place something special!!

one of my favorite hobbies is drawing, and i want to make it my career, so you will also see a lot of art here soon! i'm planning on majoring in something art-related and working on cartoons as a storyboard artist!!! i draw fanart more than anything, with my hyperfixations on different medias having a lot to do with my inspiration and motivation to draw. you'll also hopefully see a lot of writing here, and probably some links to fanfictions i'll write!

this site will probably forever be a work in progress, and i'll probably switch up themes and such whenever i feel like it (especially as my interests come and go).


3/9/23: sorry for leaving for forever!! i've lowkey been taking a break from a lot of my hobbies to focus on schoolwork n other shit X( expect an epic comeback era soon!

1/4/23: new layout because i very quickly (and predictably) got sick of my last one! also!! happy (late) new years!! i was gonna put this update up *on* new years but i felt wayyy too sick to do anything lol

12/6/22: i finished up the layout for my bob's burgers shrine!! now i just have to finish typing everything and add more images

12/4/22: i've been working on the home page for a few days now, hopefully gonna be finished soon